Unhindered Childbirth

The Online Childbirth Class

Statement of Personal Responsibility
Pregnancy and the New Religion of Medicine
The Downside of Due Dates
U.S. Infant Mortality Statistics
Pre-Birth Communication Enhances Prenatal Well-being
Learn To Trust Your Body
Autonomous Pregnancy and Birth: Learn to Take Responsibility
Recommended Reading List
Do-It-Yourself Prenatal Care
Positive Belief Suggestions
Giving Consent: Is Prenatal Testing Safe & Beneficial?
Your Right To Refuse Medical Testing or Treatment
Definition of Practicing Medicine in the State of Oklahoma
The Dangers of Ultrasound Technology
Can Anyone Trust the Alpha Fetoprotein Test?
Glucose Tolerance Test: An Attempt to Pathologize a Normal Response
Facts About Amniocentesis
The Dangers of Chorionic Villus Sampling
Prenatal Rhogam: A Complicated Choice
Prenatal Nutrition
Inadequte Nutrition – Not Maternal Obesity Causes Defects
Aspartame: A Dangerous Prenatal Poison
Protein Count of Essential Foods
Pre-Eclampsia and Toxemia
Does Birth Have To Be Painful?
My Own Painless Birth Story
Who Should Be In Charge Of Your Birth?
Autonomous Unassisted Childbirth
Unassisted Childbirth Statistics
Following Your Intuition – The Key To A Safe Birth
Signs of Labor
What Causes Labor To Begin?
What Will Birth Be Like?
The Sublime Ecstasy of Birth
What Should I Be Doing During Early Labor?
The Mood For Birth
Why Should Natural Birth Be Our Goal?
What Will A Hospital Birth Be Like?
Pros and Cons of Hospital Birth
What Will Home Birth Be Like?
Pros and Cons of Home Birth
Why I Chose Homebirth
The Language of Birth
Positions For Labor & Birth
The Soothing Power of A Water Birth
When To Go To The Hospital
Handling Variations in the Birth Process
Building a Birthkit: The Supplies You Will Need
Releasing Your Baby From Your Body
Routine Newborn Procedures: Are They Necessary?
Is A Newborn After-birth Doctor’s Examination Mandatory?
Umbilical Cord Care
101 Things To Tie The Umbilical Cord With (The lighter side)
Benefits of Breastfeeding
Why Mothers Kiss Their Babies
The Babymoon
Where Should My Baby Sleep?
Sample Birth Plan
Birth Plan Check Sheet
How do doctors, nurses and hospital staff really feel about you and your birth plan?
Are Doulas for Hospital Birth a Good Thing?
Good Sources of Birth and Parenting Info
What Does The Bible Say About Childbirth?
Your Health Watchdog
Unassisted Miscarriage
Basic Baby Care
What to do with that Placenta?
Guidance for Families and Friends of New Mothers

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