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I Am Connected To All

At one time or another, each of you has probably tried to make their bed in the morning.  Or, you have watched your Mom or Dad make the bed.  Often, they will stand at the foot of the bed, pick up the sheet or blanket, and flick one end.   When this is done, a wave travels up the sheet or blanket so that the other end of it moves.  The person flicking their end of the blanket is trying to get the rest of the blanket to straighten out over the bed.

The reason this works is that the person at the foot of the bed is connected to the blanket.  The person is transferring energy from their hands to the end of the blanket, that energy is traveling down the blanket, jumping from one atom or molecule to the next, until the energy is transferred to the other end of the blanket and causes the blanket to jump.

Actually, it is the electrons which orbit around the atoms which transfer energy back and forth between cells.  But you and I are the ones who start the power transfer.  Power or energy doesn't just transfer back and forth between cells spontaneously.  It is initiated or started by someone.

Here is what an atom looks like.  This is a hydrogen atom, the simplest atom we know of.  The dark purple circle is the atom and the light purple circle is the electron which orbits around the atom, like the moon orbiting around the sun.

In reality, the electrons are much smaller than they are drawn in this diagram, but we draw it this large so we can see them easily.  Electrons are so small that you cannot see them with your eyes.  You must have a very powerful, special microscope to see them.  Each electron has a little electrical charge.  When you stand at the end of the bed and flick the blanket, these electrons move back and forth from one atom and molecule to another until the energy at one end of the blanket is transferred to the other end.  This is actually a very simplified version of what happens.

These energy transferences take place all the time.  Not only can your hand transfer energy from your body to some other object, your thoughts can as well.  When you think a thought in your mind, that starts an energy transference which moves through space and time to make the thing you are thinking about happen.  Now, it doesn't always happen instantly.  You probably can't think, "I want an ice cream cone" and see it appear in your hand.  But if you focus on wanting an ice cream cone, sooner or later you are probably going to get one.  Your Mom may bring ice cream home from the store, or a friend may come by to take you to get one, but sooner or later, it will happen.

This means we must be very responsible with the thoughts that we think.  We are connected, electrically, to every electron of every atom of every molecule that exists in the universe.   We have control of our lives, but we must use this ability to control our lives wisely.

One very important thing we must realize is this:  we are connected to all.  We are connected to the trees, the birds, the raindrops, the animals, other people, everything that exists is connected to us electrically.  We are all made of the same substance:  energy.

This means that EVERYONE is our brother or sister, and we have kinship with every thing that exists.  We should deal with every person and every thing respectfully, and with great thought and care, realizing that our thoughts and beliefs about each person and thing can effect them.

Once again, we are left with the thought, "Where does this energy come from that I am made of?"  We must realize that this energy itself is intelligent.  It knows where to go and what to do.  It is not that someone is directing the energy to go and do certain things.  The energy itself knows what to do.  It is intelligent.  Each and every molecule, atom, electron, and even particles smaller than electrons know what to do on their own.  They are smart.  Scientists have actually discovered that these little particles make choices about which way to go and what to do and how to look depending on the situation.  When the situation calls for the particle to move as a wave, poof! the particle becomes a wave.  And when the situation calls for it to become a particle again, poof! it changes itself automatically to become what we need.  That's what happens when we think a thought:  the particles change in whatever way they need to in order to accomplish whatever we were thinking.

The fact that each and every energy particle that exists, whether out there in space or within our bodies, has intelligence and can choose what to do, this leads us to believe that God is not a person out there who made us and is separate from us, but God is all the energy that exists, the sum total of everything that exists.  We are part of God, and God is part of us.  Everything that exists is part of God.   In some cultures and religious traditions, people pray and ask God to do something for them.  This is the same thing as when we think a thought, and the molecules, atoms, electrons, and other particles rearrange themselves to bring about what we are thinking about.

The only difference between thinking a thought and praying is that when a person who believes in God prays and fervently pleads for him to do something, they are pleading with a lot of emotion.  They want it very badly and are putting out a lot of emotional energy in that direction.  So it may seem that those who pray get better results than those who simply think about what they want.  But it's just because the more emotional energy you attach to your desired thought or direction, the more likely it will occur.  In fact, the more people you can get together who will concentrate on the same image in their minds as you, the more likely it will occur because you have more energy directed that way with 100 people than you do with just one.   For instance, if a particular city or geographical area needs rain, having everyone meditate at the same time upon a mental picture of dark clouds and rain coming down will be more effective than just one person doing it.

You see, the intelligent energy that is God is also in every tree, flower, animal and person.  So it is appropriate to say not only that we are part of God, but that we ARE God.  Are the atoms, molecules and electrons what make up the tree?  Yes, but it is also appropriate to say that they ARE the tree.  Just as it is appropriate to say that we ARE God.   God is a separate person from us, but he also IS us and we are also him.  We are all part of the same substance, energy.

Here is an example of how atoms use their electrons to link together.  A hydrogen atom, like the one above, has only one electron orbiting it.  An oxygen molecule has six electrons orbiting it in the outer valence, and two on the inner valence.  Since only the outer electrons interact with other substances, we will just show the outer ring of electrons.

But when two hydrogen atoms link up with this oxygen atom, you get one molecule of water.  A molecule is formed when two elements combine to form a new substance.

So you see, the electrons kind of "grab" each other and connect.   Have you ever held two magnets, one in each hand, and then as you move them closer and closer, they attract each other and eventually stick together?  That's the same kind of thing.  These atoms are attracted electrically or magnetically to each other.  Now, when energy is passed from one atom to another, these atoms trade electrons back and forth, changing their chemical bonds as needed to form new substances.  That's what happens when you flick the blanket, or think a thought.  You are causing some electrons to grab other atoms, or causing some electrons to let go of their bonds and grab different atoms.  That's called a chemical reaction, in some cases, and in others it's simply an exchange of energy.

This was a very simple example, there are many more different kinds of atoms, and they combine to form everything we see and know of in our universe.   These are the building blocks of everything we see around us, and we are connected to everything around us through these bonds.

You are standing in a room.  You are surrounded on every side by air.  It is touching your body on every surface it can reach.  The electrons of the air are interacting with the electrons of your body.  Now, that air is also reaching to the other side of the room and is also touching the table, the wall, other people in the room, animals, etc.   So we are at every moment connected to everything else that exists, both physically and spiritually.

I want you to understand something.  There is nothing "supernatural" and there is no such thing as "magic."  Everything that happens or seems to happen in our world and universe happens according to the laws of science.  The "spiritual" world works according to the same laws of science that our physical world that we can see does.  If someone prays for a miracle, and a miracle seems to happen, their intense desire for that thing simply altered the fabric of time and space to make that thing happen.  Even if the person doesn't understand how that occurs, it does.  So people often call something a miracle if they don't have any logical way of explaining it.  Or, perhaps someone says a magic spell or incantation and asks for a particular thing to happen.  This is often called "magic", but it is exactly the same thing as the asked for a particular thing to occur, and you did some rituals that you thought would bring it about.  The prayer and the ritual serve the same focus our energy toward the thing we want to happen.

There is nothing wrong with praying, and there is nothing wrong with using magical incantations or rituals,  We should not tell people they are bad or wrong for doing either one.  It is their way of working together with God to make changes in their lives and in the world.  But just realize that you don't have to do either one in order to get the same results.  Just visualizing in your mind a picture of what you want to happen, and speaking what you want to happen, and putting a lot of emotion and energy behind that, and doing it over and over every single day, this will cause it to happen just as well if not better.  Of course, if you want to burn a little incense, combine some herbs, count rosary beads or say Hail Mary's, you can.  Whatever way you find helpful for you to focus your thoughts and energies toward what needs to happen is fine.

We are at every moment connected to everything that exists.  I tell you this for several reason.  First, so that you will have respect for every other living and non-living thing.  Second, so you will have respect for yourself and realize that you are part of God, and you are powerful.  Third, so you will realize that you have the power to change your life, and change the world.  Fourth, so that you will realize that God is not just some powerful supernatural being that lives somewhere up there in the sky.  God is in you and all around you, and is intimately involved in every thought you think and every action you take.  And, you are also intimately involved with every other person and thing on this planet.  You are never alone.  You cannot say you have no responsibility for the things happening in the world.  You can change your life, and you can change the world.

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