Non-Institutional Education

The traditional way of schooling in this society is a major hindrance to creativity, development of free thinking and critical thinking skills. Going to an institutionalized school is also the best way to become indoctrinated with the particular way of looking at life that the government endorses. I went through the public school system and went on to get three college degrees. I can tell you that college was a major joke. Anybody can make it through college, get a degree, and know absolutely nothing useful when they are done. Please believe me, I learned how to make it through classes and make A’s without ever even reading the book required to complete the course. If you have even a little ingenuity and listen to the teacher in class, you will pass. But you would be surprised how many people couldn’t even pass the tests when the questions were given to them in advance. That is what public education has done to the thinking skills of our youth.

The purpose of the Center for Unhindered Living is to let people know that you do not have to live the way other people say you do. You do not have to participate in social conformity. You do not have to be controlled by the institutions which perpetuate the myths of our society – schools, churches, governments, and the institutions of modern medicine. You can be autonomous, you can be free and unhindered.

Just because I don’t believe in “school” doesn’t mean I don’t believe in education. My children are getting a wonderful education. They read and use math on a daily basis, and they have a life. They have jobs, make money, do interesting things with educational value, they get up when they want to and go to bed when they want to, go out with their friends, and they think of creative ways to make money with their own businesses. They are learning foreign languages because they want to, and reading history because it’s interesting. It’s a great way to live. They watch the other kids in the neighborhood walking to school in the mornings or getting off the bus in the afternoon, and they feel sorry for those kids because of how they are being forced to live.

For more information about free education, see my Unschooling page. I also highly recommend that you and your teenagers read this book: The Teenage Liberation Handbook: How to Quit School and Get a Real Life and Education

The social structure of our country dictates that all children go to school at a certain age, and that all children be taught certain core beliefs and subjects. Who decided that this was best for my child? Who decided what beliefs were essential for my child to know? People who supposedly consider themselves experts have decided this. They say “Your child needs these things to score well on tests, to get into college, to get a job.” Who says? I see that my husband went to college and now the job that he does has nothing to do with his
college degree. I see lots of people working at low paying jobs because their degrees prepared them for NOTHING. I have a masters’ degree myself, and after spending years studying THEIR knowledge, I decided I didn’t agree with what was being taught and was not going to perpetuate that cycle. The public school system and the state accredited university system are both just places that exist for the purpose of indoctrinating young people with what experts want them to believe. These institutions are NOT places where creative, free
thinking is encouraged. They are places where you have to give the answer the teacher says is right in order to get the right grade so you can say that you know all the accepted knowledge. These are places where people are taught to look at life a certain way. They are bastions of social control and social conformity.

My children do not go to school, but they learn. I have freed them from the prison the “experts” constructed for them, and set them on the path of true knowledge. My children are not required to learn certain facts or get certain grades or study certain subjects or learn to look at life a certain way. I want them to form their own ideas based upon their own observations and experiences, not based upon what others have discovered or believe. I see that they are learning. They both read, use math on a daily basis, they think, they question, they feel, they experience.

I am often asked, “If they want to go to college, how will they get in without a high school diploma, an SAT test score, or a common set of core knowledge?” Homeschoolers all across the country are doing it. Our local vocational technical school will take my older son right now, without a diploma, SAT, or anything. They just give him a little entrance test with some language and basic math on it, that’s all. College and univerisities are finding that homeschoolers are good students with critical thinking skills that many other students
are lacking. Colleges can administer their own entrances tests or enroll students in 0 level classes until the student proves they can do the work.

Do I WANT my children to participate in the college system? No, not really, but I will honor their wishes. It’s their life, and they have a right to make their own choices. I am encouraging my children to think outside the box, so to speak, to develop new and innovative ways of making a living. My own observations tell me that working for an employer is a dead end, has many drawbacks. You must work at the times the employer specifies, not when its convenient for you. You can only work the number of hours the employers is willing to pay you for. You can only do the one kind of work the employer hired you for, and you can be fired at any time. This does not seem like a good state of affairs. It would seem that providing your own income is a better way to ensure success and job satisfaction.

Several times in my life I tried to work a 8 to 5 job, and was miserable. I couldn’t stand the thought of spending my life that way. I will make my own income through my own creativity and ingenuity.

I have chosen to live my life according to my own observations and experiences. I am not ignoring what I see around me every day – people working minimum wage jobs, unable to properly care for their families, unhappy with work they are doing. Or, I see people in highly trained specialties – doctors, lawyers, teachers, clergy,
politicians – people who trained in the system and whose job it is to perpetuate the myths of our culture. I don’t want to be part of either of those groups. And I don’t want my children doomed to run on this treadmill for the rest of their lives.

There are many types of non-institutional learning. Most people think that the only training employers care about is a degree from an “accredited” college or university. The only time being accredited is important is when you are trying to transfer credits from one college to another. You can’t transfer work that you did at an unaccredited school to an accredited one because that’s like trying to pay someone in Mexico with American Dollars. The currency of the university system is credits. If you want to get “credit” you had to go to an accredited school.

OK, so the work at your unaccredited school won’t transfer to an accredited school. Big Deal! Since I am not interested in getting any training or education for myself or my children from an accredited school, I don’t have to worry about whether or not it’s going to transfer. All I care about is getting the knowledge I want or need to do what I want to do in life. True, if my child want to be a doctor or lawyer, he’s going to need to go to an accredited school. But I hope my children will choose lifestyles and occupations with more integrity than those, and that will give them more personal satisfaction and will contribute more to society and the world at large.

It is sad that in our culture, only highly “educated”, certified, licensed, experts or “professionals” are considered to have any real knowledge or expertise. Well, I hope that I and my children prove one thing: you don’t have to go to school to get an education or a good job, you don’t have to go to church to believe in, love and serve God, and you don’t have to go to a doctor or hospital to heal yourself from any degenerative disease. Also, you don’t have to agree with our government to love our country and be patriotic.

Visit our Unschooling page often to get ideas about non-institutionalized education. This is only an introductory page. I hope you will seriously consider setting yourself free from the government imposed boundaries of institutionalized education. Yes, it’s legal. See my unschooling page for details.