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 Removing Obstacles by Altering Electromagnetic Fields

The earth is a huge magnetic sphere. Living things have been tied to the earth's natural magnetic field since time began. Our bodies' own magnetic frequencies and bio-field patterns react to the variance of the earth's field. Each individual cell, as well as entire organisms, sense and derive timing information from the natural cycles of the geomagnetic field. So, since all matter is made up of resonant field patterns. applying a magnetic device of any kind will produce an effect one way or the other.

Human use of electromagnetism for power and communications has produced an abnormal electromagnetic environment unlike anything that has existed before.  More than a thousand scientific papers are published on this topic every year. Both epidemiological and laboratory studies exist, indicating that abnormal frequencies, regardless of the frequencies, produce increased health risks.

All electromagnetic fields are force fields, carrying energy and capable of producing action at a distance.  If you plug in a lamp or appliance, even if it is not turned on, it generates an electric field. Electrical currents flow in living organisms and they produce magnetic fields that extend outside the body and can be influenced by external magnetic fields as well. The flow of electrical currents in the brain produce a magnetic field that can be measured and analyzed several feet away from the head. We and all living things are surrounded by a magnetic field which extends out into space from our bodies.  EEG, or Electroencephalogram, is a medical test which measures the electrical activity of the brain.  So this electrical activity is real and can be measured.

As for AC frequencies typically encountered in the home, household field sources tend to weaken quickly in strength when you're more than a few feet away.  The problem is, our living environment is saturated with these fields. An inexpensive cell sensor can be purchased which you can use to walk through your house and it will detect any electromagnetic field. Our goal should be to minimize exposure to these fields as much as possible.  But since we live in the high tech world, this is next to impossible.

The first and most important thing to do is clear out all electromagnetic fields in and around your sleeping area. We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, therefore this area should be free of electromagnetic fields so we do not absorb them while we sleep.  I frequently go into people's homes and test these electromagnetic fields. I was in one couple's home, and the husband had sleep apnea, so he had a huge machine to monitor his breathing, and the machine was right next to his bed. Then he had a little digital alarm clock on the nightstand next to his bed. When I tested both these machines, the little digital clock was producing a stronger EM field than that huge breathing machine!  And we typically put these clocks right next to the bed where we can just hit the snooze button in the morning without getting out of bed. Bad idea!

If you are going to have an alarm clock in your room, put it across the room from the bed so the EM field does not touch you during the night.  In general, there should be nothing electrical within 3 feet of your bed. Also, turn the clock so that any light emitted is not seen by you, or put something in front of the clock or cover it with a cloth. Any light emitted during the night will prevent the body from producing melatonin, and this will disrupt your sleep cycles, which also affects other hormones produced during the night.

Please do not put computers, televisions, etc. in the bedroom.  Most computers have those big transformers on their power cords, and these usually generate a big electrical field, even if the computer is NOT turned on.  Also, please do NOT sleep with an electric blanket, electric waterbed heater, one of those sleep number beds, or any bed that has electricity connected to it in any way, because then you are sleeping in an electromagnetic field that will effect your body's natural EM frequency.

Take your cell sensor device and go stand in front of the microwave oven.  You will see the cell sensor go crazy.  This device produces a huge EM field disturbance even when not in use. See my page on the dangers of Microwave Cooking for more info on why you should not own or use a microwave.

For your computer screen, you can get anti-radiation monitor filters that reduce or eliminate harmful radiation.  But that does NOT eliminate the electromagnetic field.

Cell phones should only be used for short calls and if carried, should not be in your pocket or on your body.  Ladies should carry them in a purse and men with a belt clip or in a briefcase or other bag.  Don't wear them in contact with your body, and it is really best if you don't put them up to your ear, use a hands-free kit so that the phone is never right up against your head. This can cause serious disturbances to the em field of the brain, and can actually increase your risk of developing brain tumors and other serious health problems.

When we talk about using Reiki, Qigong, ABT (Accu-Balancing Technique), these all work by restoring balance to your body's electromagnetic fields.  You should learn to perform some of these techniques yourself so that each and every day you can bring balance to your body's electromagnetic fields after they have been bombarded  by the EM fields that you walk through and live in constantly during the day. Restoring balance to your energy fields can go a long way toward helping to resolve many disease conditions.

Many people are often astounded by how well these techniques work to reduce or eliminate pain and other symptoms of disease.  But they are often disappointed that the relief they receive is only temporary.  That's not because the techniques don't work, it's because after you have balanced your EM fields, you then walk back out into the world where you are again bombarded by unnatural and harmful frequencies.  Also, when you are under emotional stress, this unbalances your body's frequencies.

BALANCING OF YOUR BODY'S EM FREQUENCIES SHOULD BE DONE ON A DAILY BASIS.   That's why we give classes to teach you these techniques.

The EM field of the earth can help to balance your body's energy.  This energy is usually absorbed through the feet. There is a point on the sole near the upper center of the foot through which it is specifically drawn up. Lying on the ground is also a good way of recharging.

Water can be energized with specific magnetic fields that aid life compared to untreated water.  According to Dr. Masuru Emoto's work,
human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas and music, affect the molecular structure of water, the very same water that comprises over seventy percent of a mature human body and covers the same amount of our planet. Water is the very source of all life on this planet, the quality and integrity are vitally important to all forms of life.  Visit a website which will show you pictures of the changes that take place in water molecules when exposed to different thoughts and words.

You can purchase devices which will structure your water, you can put substances in your water which will structure it, or you can structure it yourself by energizing it with Reiki. Human beings try to make things so complicated, when it's really so simple. You are capable of doing everything yourself, if you just learn how.

Find some gentle, peaceful music and play it in the background. Just put some purified water, preferably reverse osmosis, in a glass. Set the glass in front of you, and put one hand around either side of the glass. Close your eyes, and try to visualize the energy passing from one palm to the other, and passing through the glass and the water. State your intention and the water will carry that intention. Your intention can be that the water will balance your energy, balance your ph, impart more oxygen to the body, bring healing, cleanse physical or emotional impurities, or whatever you want. The water will be charged with your intention. After you feel intuitively that the water is ready, then drink it.

You should always Reiki all your food and beverages so that your intention will render harmless anything in the food or drink that would be detrimental.

The Center for Unhindered Living does EM Field Tests as well as Household Water Quality Tests. See our signup page.

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