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Cosmic Truths from "The Matrix"

This was one of the most important movies of the century because it tried to bring to the forefront spiritual truths that many people intuitively recognize but that need to be more thoroughly explained to the average person.

Morpheus:  "You're here because you know something.  What you know you can't explain.  But you feel it.  You've felt it your entire life.  There's something wrong with the world.  You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.  It's this feeling that's brought you to me."

Absolutely!  There is overwhelming evidence in the natural world to show us that what we see with our eyes is NOT all there is.  Many people feel driven to discover what else there is behind the physical reality that we sense.

Morpheus:  "It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you to the truth.  What truth?  That you are a slave, born into bondage, born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch.  A prison for your mind."

We have been convinced that what we can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch is all that there is.  And we have become convinced that there are "laws" which science has defined for us, which cannot be broken, which define our physical reality.   We are victims of a reality that is not.  We are in a prison of perception, because we aren't taught to discern the rest of the natural world that is available and that does NOT follow those natural "laws".  We aren't taught how to perceive the rest of what exists, and that we have the power to manipulate this natural world to our advantage.  The bondage has been forced upon us by those who want to imprison us in a reality  where someone else is in charge.

Morpheus:  "Unfortunately, no one can be told what the matrix is.  You have to see it for yourself."

How true.  I have tried to explain this alternate reality to others, and either you get it because you have experienced it, or you don't.  There's no way to explain it with words, you can only experience it directly to understand it.

Neo:  "I can't go back, can I?"  Morpheus:  "No, but if you could, would you really want to?"

Once you finally see the reality of this universe,  you can never go back to "traditional" spirituality because it is so hollow, so incomplete, and doesn't work.   You can't deny what you know, can't go back to the limited view of the universe that traditional religion offers.

Morpheus: "What is real?  How do you define real?  If you are talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain."

And herein lies the problem:  the things which a person can perceive with their senses depend upon the frequency which this information is received at.  Like tuning in to a radio frequency, there are many other things to perceive than what our primary human frequency allows us to perceive.  Change the frequency, and one can perceive alternate realities, communicate with the spirit realm, and cause things to happen which many people would term "miraculous."  If what we are able to sense depends upon the electrical signals interpreted by our brains, then by changing the frequency of those electrical signals we change what we are able to perceive, and how we are able to effect our environment.

Morpheus:  "When the matrix was first built there was a man born inside who had the ability to change whatever he wanted, to remake the matrix as he saw fit.  It was he who freed the first of us, taught us the truth....After he [the one] died, the Oracle prophesied his return, and that his coming would hale the destruction of the matrix....that is why there are those of us who have spent our entire lives searching the matrix looking for him."

To me, this clearly speaks of Jesus Christ.  He had the ability to change whatever he miracles, heal disease, know information intuitively that he had no way of know substantially, drink poison and not die, be bitten by snakes and not die, transmute matter from one form to another, change his appearance so others could not recognize him, be killed and come back to life, say to mountains "be cast into the sea" and see it done.....and he said that after he was gone, we would be able to do even greater things than these.  So why don't people believe this? Even Christians don't believe what he said, they don't believe they have the power over their physical world.  Jesus obviously came to free us from the bonds of this physical reality, to teach us that we can create our own.

Zion - the last human city.

Trinity - this movie has obvious illusions to religious icons.

Morpheus:  "Your weakness is not your technique.....Do you believe that my being stronger or faster has anything to do with my muscles in this place?"

Obviously, what you BELIEVE about yourself is more important than what is physically true about yourself.

The most important sentence in the movie:   "Don't THINK you are, KNOW you are."

Many people try, by using things such as positive belief suggestions and affirmations, to convince themselves of some truth about themselves.  They believe that if they THINK they are a certain thing, they will become it.  But it takes more than that.  If you simply know that you are, you don't have to think about it, don't have to convince yourself.

Morpheus:    "You have to let it all go.....fear, doubt, and disbelief.  Free your mind."

Morpheus:  "The matrix is a system, and that system is our enemy.  But when you are see the very minds of the people we are trying to save, but until we do, these people are still a part of this system.....most of these people are not ready to be unplugged, and many of the are so inured, so hopelessly dependent upon the system that they would fight to protect it."

This is where much of the world, and particularly organized religion, is standing today.  The system of organized thought which says there is only one reality, and we must live within it, is what is binding our people, making them blind to the truth that they can unplug themselves, can change their reality however they want.  We are not in bondage to sin or a devil, but to the system of thought which has blinded us to our true nature and our true power and position.  We are part of a universe of electromagnetic energy which can be changed and manipulated at will, and which has been programmed to respond to our thoughts and beliefs.  We do NOT have to be dependent upon the system others believe in.  We do not have to accept the idea that we are limited and we must accept those limitations.  ALL THINGS are possible for those who believe!

Kid bending the spoon in the oracle's apartment:  "Do not try bending the spoon.  That's impossible.  Instead, only try to realize the truth....there is no spoon.  Then you'll see it's not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself."

This is such an important truth.  I have seen it work in my own life as I try on a daily basis  to coax the electromagnetic universe to change according to my thoughts and beliefs, as God designed.  If I try to concentrate on accomplishing a discrete goal, like obtaining $500 to pay bills with, it doesn't happen.  I must change my perception.  Just as "there is no spoon" I must realize that "there are no finanical hardships."  Instead of trying to make your problem go away, realize instead that there are no problems.  They don't exist.  Then the universe resolves them without you having to painstakingly try to find a resolution yourself to each one.  Instead of trying to change your problem, change yourself.  Then your problem disappears.

Instead of saying, "I want my spouse to change such and such a thing in their lives" say "There is nothing that needs to change in my spouse."  You have changed your beliefs and perception, and the universe follows accordingly so that whatever your spouse needs to change will happen so that it lines up with your belief.

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