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Why Buy Organic Turkey This Holiday Season?

I would like to argue that turkies, like any sentient being, have the same right to life that we all have, so don't eat them!  However, since I know that many of you are going to purchase a turkey anyway this holiday season, what's wrong with purchasing the typical grocery store turkey?  Why should we purchase organic turkey?

First of all, they are usually free range, meaning that they have been allowed to wander around the barnyard and live a fairly normal life, as opposed to turkies that are kept in cages, standing in their own excrement, and getting all kinds of diseases, which necessitate the use of antibiotic to keep them from getting sick.  Then we eat the meat that has the antibiotics in it and this causes us to become sensitized to the antibiotics so that when we need to take antibiotics for a health concern, the bacteria we are trying to kill are resistant to the antibiotics.  So for our own protection, we should avoid these antibiotics. 

Secondly, many chickens and turkies are corn or soy fed, and this grain contains pesticides which then get into the meat, and many people are very sensitive to these chemicals.  These pesticides accumulate in your fat cells and eventually reach the point where your body can no longer tolerate the load of poisons it is carrying, and you will develop some kind of serious disease like cancer. 

Third, the grains often fed to animals have mycotoxins on the surface of them, and when the animals ingest the mycotoxins, we then consume them when we eat the met.   Mycotoxins can induce some very nasty physical problems, from autoimmune diseases to bowel problems to systemic yeast infections, to impairment in carbohydrate metabolism.  The term Mycotoxin was coined in 1962 when over 100,000 turkies near London, England died and it was found they were infected with secondary metabolites from Aspergillus Flavus in peanut meal they were fed (1).   All grains have some form of mycotoxins on the surface of the grain.  They can be removed through washing but how many farmers do you know who wash the grain before they give it to the animals to eat?   How many of you realize that the wheat that is ground up to make the flour for the bread you buy also contain mycotoxins?  I can only suggest that you buy your own whole grain, wash and dry it and grind it yourself if you are going to consume grains.  All products that contain grains also contain mycotoxins.  

Why do all grains contain mycotoxins?  Where are grains stored?  In big grain silos that are warm and cause the fungi to proliferate.  Pasta is usually OK to eat because many of the mycotoxins are washed away in the water the pasta is cooked in.   But anything else that contains grain, if you buy it off the shelf in the grocery store, it contains mycotoxins of one kind or another.

Fourth, try to support small, sustainable family famrs rather than huge corporations.  You are more likely to do that if you buy organic.  Do some research and find a company you can believe in, and buy from them.  Ask your local health food store or coop to order one for you. 

Unhindered Living is all about getting rid of the obstacles to your health, happiness peace ande prosperity.   Pesticides, antibiotics and mycotoxins all present obstacles to good health. 

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