The Center for Unhindered Living

Removing Obstacles to Healthy Spirituality

Eight Characteristics of Healthy Spirituality

realizes that spirituality is simply the search for meaning in everyday life.

has compassion, forgiveness,  respect and unconditional love as its foundation.

encourages individuals to look within to find the source of all wisdom and knowledge.

accepts that each person's path is right for them and does not devalue paths that are different from their own.

acknowledges that each person alone contains everything needed for a fulfilling and successful spiritual  existence.

recognizes that our spirituality arises from our own personal relationship with God/the Universe/the Self,  and not from our relationship with any religious institution.

recognizes the spiritual / intuitive gifts of all individuals as divinely empowered.

stresses the releasing of judgment and the acceptance of the connectedness and unity of all.

The Center for
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Our Spiritual Tradition

We represent no particular church, denomination or religious belief system, therefore, we are free to guide you gently into that place spiritually that is right for you and you alone. You needn't feel bound by spiritual traditions that don't resonate with or feel right to you.

Each person has an innate spirituality within them which is separate and apart from any church or religion. You can access  that spiritual center to receive guidance, instruction and the strength for everyday living.

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Like Attracts Like

My Daily Meditation

We are not powerless victims of our physical reality.
Click Here to hear scientist Gregg Braden explain
How you can really change your life!

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