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Handling Variations of Normal

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Most people refer to these condition as "complications" which implies that they are dangerous, abnormal, and cannot be handled at home without a birth attendant.   I am going to share with you what other women have done to handle these situations at home by themselves, and give some practical suggestions which have proved themselves to be helpful.  Making the choice to handle a variation yourself is your constitutional right.  You do not have to go to the hospital.  However, I would hope that you would use the intuition provided to every woman to listen to that inner voice, listen to your body, listen to your baby, and decide in your particular situation what is best.

Most of the time, these "variations" become complications only when handled in an inappropriate way by medical professionals.

Unassisted Miscarriage

Beta Strep

Breech Birth

Shoulder Dystocia

Cervical Swelling

Posterior Arrest

Premature Labor

Pain During Labor

Placenta Previa

Toxemia or Pre-Eclampsia

Premature Separation of Placenta

Premature Rupture of Membranes

Delayed Separation of Placenta

Perineal Tears

Hemorrhaging Before, During or After Birth

Newborn Respiratory Failure

High Blood Pressure during Pregnancy and Birth

Prolonged First Stage and Maternal Exhaustion

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If you have experienced any of these conditions and used any particular
technique to assist in resolving them, please email me and I'd love to
add your experiences to this page.

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