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In today’s society, we have been convinced that we cannot function without professional “experts”, and that the average person cannot learn without a teacher, take care of their legal problems without a lawyer, be healthy without a doctor, or be spiritually whole without a church, priest or minister to guide them. Being forced to turn to an “expert” for guidance when we are perfectly competent to do these things for ourselves is personally disempowering. We’ve been convinced that average people cannot possibly obtain all the knowledge necessary to competently care for themselves or their families.

The Center for Unhindered Living is a community of individuals and families who are dedicated to gaining the knowledge to care for themselves and maintain their independence from institutions and individuals that control people’s lives and livelihoods directly through perceived legal restrictions, and indirectly through the power of conformity. We respect all true wisdom, no matter what the source, and we feel free to discard that information which, no matter how much it is resepcted by society, does not empower us to reach our highest potential.

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Social Conformity

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At the Center for Unhindered Living, we want you to know that most of the obstacles which you perceive as standing in the way of the lifestyle of your dreams are only illusions. Nothing is actually impossible for you. You have only been convinced you are limited and that you must accept these limitations.

We hope to encourage you in the setting aside of these illusions
and embracing of a hopeful and unlimited future!!!

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