Simple things to check during garage door repair

Garage door repair can sometimes be done by homeowners. There are important things to check before you seek the services of a professional. In fact, some repairs are quite easy. For instance, a squeaky or stiff door requires proper lubrication and cleaning. On the other hand, some repairs such as torsion spring repair are quite dangerous and require the assistance of DoReMi Garage Door technicians.

garage door repair 53476Before starting repairs, ensure you unplug the garage door opener. This is necessary to avoid suffering from electric shock during the repairs. You may be standing on the ladder, which is not recommended during repairs. This is because you can get an electric shock or even fall off. Moreover, you should put on the right PPE and sunglasses when using power tools. The following are some of the things you need to check before you hire a garage door professional.

Garage door repair tips

Check metal tracks

You need to inspect the metal tracks to find out whether they have been damaged. In fact, this tip can make the repairs an easy task to solve quickly. In case of damages, you can strike damaged parts using a hammer and wood block to straighten the track.

It is also necessary to check track alignment. This is because poor alignment can make the door not to close well. It is not a must to unscrew the tracks. Rather you can loosen screws and bolts to tap the tracks into the right position. Also, you can use levels to check the alignment of tracks. The aligned tracks are meant to help you with the garage door repairs.

Clean the tracks

This may seem to be obvious. However, old lubricant and hardened dirt may be the reason for garage door sticking. The garage door repair can consist of cleaning tracks and dry them. It is advisable to use the regular cleaners to clean garage door tracks.


Ensure you lubricate the rollers and tracks. Sometimes, just by lubrication, you can fix the garage door problem. You need to use the right silicon spray or lubricant spray. It is advisable to lubricate all tracks after completing the cleaning process. Movable parts can also benefit from lubrication.garage door repair 5212

Bolts and screws

Tighten all loose screws and bolts. This is something you can do in no time. Check all bolts and screws that are involved in closing/opening mechanism of the garage door. Just by tightening, you can solve this issue.…