Mobile home gas safety

If you own a mobile home, you must ensure that your family is safe. Below are some simple steps that will ensure your safety.

Mobile home gas safety

Carbon monoxide detector

It might sound funny, but you must have it installed in your house. Carbon monoxide is a gas; it cannot be seen. If not realized early it kills. It is known as the silent killer. An appliance using the gas might start leaking, and it is only the detector that will warn you. The detectors are very affordable, so you do not have a reason of not having it. They are easy to fit as well, follow the instructions on the pack and you will be good to go.

Smoke alarm

All homes not only the mobile homes should have a smoke alarm. Smoke detectors save lives. To make it easy, ask the attendant at the hardware to combine the smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector. It is cheaper buying the combined one than each separately. Check if your detectors are working from time to time. This can be done by pushing the push button if a large noise is produced, it means your device is working.


Mobiles homes have ventilation grills fitted on the floor or walls. If they block accidentally, it could mean death. They are fitted wherever they are for a reason. A gas fire in your home could only work if the ventilation is working correctly. If they lack the oxygen needed to make them burn, they will start producing carbon monoxide which is deadly. It is not only for the sake of gas burners, but anything else used to produce fire. At no point should the vents be blocked.


Anytime you are cooking in your mobile home, make sure that windows are opened. This way any combustion products will be removed. As a rule, keep away children from the cooking area or kitchen. Always attend to your cooking pots, do not leave them all dirty.

General safety rules

As long as you follow the gas safety rules above, you are guaranteed of safety. Never take chances with safety, if you feel that something is not right, let’s say the gas cylinder, switch it off and call a professional to check on it. If you want to change any part of the gas appliances, kindly use the services of an expert. Your safety is as easy as following all the rules above.